Your one custom source for all plastic fabrications. From one-hole drilling to precision cutting. We have the capabilities for form, finish and fabricate practically every plastic used in the industry today.

When you bring your plastic fabrication needs to Cicero Plastics Products, our hands-on staff will work with you until the job works for you!

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One Piece through Finished Product
Every Step Of The Way!

Engineering - Design Assistance - Prototyping - Production

  • Our experts will work from your specs of blueprints as is, or will fine tune them or improve on the original design to get the job exactly the way you want it.

  • We will use the material you specify, or we can recommend an alternative material.

  • We can repeat your original job whenever you want it, or we can alter it to meet any new specifications.

  • We utilize the latest technology in our field and continually investigate new ways to best serve our customers.