Plastic Fabrication

Heat Bending

The use of custom heat rods, racks, and fixtures to acquire appropriate angles, and radius in acceptable materials to achieve the look and dimensions of your design. Where techniques of experience and the creative design of fixtures make the difference in your product being as good or better than the other ‘guy’. Whether for guards that function to save people from an injury or a form that creates the look or design that appeals to the eye.


Solvent Bonding Plastic

Our goal is to do the best in adhering the pieces with the best possible seam to give you the highest quality product we can deliver. We strive for this thru the use of appropriate bonding agents for the plastics of choice. Paying close attention to the set-up and curing time for each individual job. Whether it is pre-treating a surface or building a special set-up fixture. We do this to get the sturdiest bond and look that we can fabricate. We also offer edge treatment to be square, rounded, or beveled, with a finished unpolished look or hand done high polished look in a way that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Welding Plastic

The process of creating a part where the original material is melted while adding a filler to achieve a bond, Currently we offer PVC, Polypropylene, and High-Density Polyethylene with increased capabilities for the right projects.

Heat Forming

The process used to create curved surfaces and differing shapes thru the use of heat in an air-circulating oven. The particular plastic being used would be heated to a pliable temperature and placed in a pre-made form to achieve the desired look and dimensions.